Breville BJE200XL Juice Fountain Compact Review, Best Price

If you’re looking for a way to get the most out of your counter-top space while still retaining the juicing power that Breville products are so well known for, the Juice Fountain Compact model is right up your alley.  Packing the same powerful punch as its brothers and sisters in the Breville line, the Juice Fountain Compact model does so in a smaller space.  This makes it ideal for apartment living or for kitchens that are already packed with appliances.

Compact Doesn’t Mean Losing Juicing Power

But don’t let the compact name of this juicer fool you; it still handles copious amounts of food with its pulp container capacity at a surprisingly high 1.6 quarts (1.5 L) while the juice jug capacity stands at 25 oz. (800ml).  In fact, the Juice Fountain Compact is not as tiny as its name might initially imply—still, it’s one of the smaller high quality juicers measuring 9.5 x 8.8 x 16 inches and weighing 7.9 pounds.

The real compactness of this superb juicer rests in its ability to collect the pulp within the unit’s footprint.  This, combined with the built-in froth separator inside the juice jug, cuts down on the bulkiness other units with this type of power and juicing capacity require.  A surprisingly strong 700 watt motor powers the filter basket at 13,000 RPM, allowing you to extract 8 oz. (250 ml) of juice in only 5 seconds.

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The Juice Fountain Compact is Easy to Use      

One of the best things about the Juice Fountain Compact is its ease of use.  The fact that it is a Centrifugal Pulp Ejector Juicer means that cleanup and assembly is going to be easy no matter what, but the BJE200XL makes it even easier for you; with the patented 3.3” (84 mm) feed chute, you’re able to pop whole ingredients like carrots, cucumber, tomato, pears, apples and seedless grapes right into the waiting cutting knife which automatically centers the produce, giving you the perfect glass of juice each and every time.

Safety and Cleanup

The Juice Fountain Compact comes with a cleaning brush that allows you to quickly brush out the remaining pulp and scrub the filler basket, making cleanup a breeze.  Most of the juicer’s parts are top-shelf dishwasher-friendly making cleanup almost as quick as the juicing process itself.

In addition to the safety locking mechanism that prevents unsafe operation, one of the most surprising things about this model (when compared to other compact juicers) is that it doesn’t move around during operation.  Since the Breville Juice Fountain Compact collects the pulp within its own footprint and the dual-knife blade assembly perfectly centers the produce each time, you can be sure the unit won’t be “walking” across the counter during operation.


  • Provides you with powerful yet compact juicing options
  • Saves countertop space and storage space
  • Low Cost
  • Easy to use


  • Smaller capacity than other Breville juicers
  • Plastic construction
  • Single speed setting
  • Less efficient with greens (This is normal being a centrifugal juicer. For greens masticating juicer is recommended)
  • Warranty only one year limited

Bottom Line

To sum it up, the Breville BJE200XL Juice Fountain Compact juicer is a time-saving, space-saving way to eat healthy. It’s a good entry level juicer and a great value for the money. You can’t get any better at this price.  If you are planning to do large volume of juicing or want a more robust model, we recommend the Breville Juice Fountain Elite.

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Breville BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain 700-Watt Juice ExtractorUSD 99.93
Breville Compact Juice Fountain, BJE200XLUSD 157.99

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