Best Twin Gear Juicer Reviews 2023

For people who are looking for a juicer that can literally juice anything the Super Angel 5500 Stainless Steel Living Juice Extractor Machine is the best choice around.It is 2nd most expensive non-commercial juicer in the market after the Norwalk Juicer. It’s the only twin gear juicer in the market which is all stainless steel. This quality juicer is a beast of a machine that squeezes every last drop out of anything (all fruits, vegetables, wheatgrass etc) that is juiceable. It creates 1.5-3 times more juice (and nutrients) than any centrifugal and single gear masticating juicer. It operates at slower speed and preserves the maximum amount of nutrients in the juices.

If you want a high-end juicer which has maximum versatility, looks stylish and produces juice with a very high yield then the Super Angel 5500 is a perfect choice.


The Green Star Elite GSE-5000 Jumbo Twin Gear Juice Extractor is the latest and most improvised model from  Tribest’s highly acclaimed Green Star range of juicers. Unlike earlier Green Star models which only used two stages that crushed and pressed produce in the juicing process, the innovative gearing system used in the Green Star Elite utilizes two 7″ jumbo gears which have a crushing, pressing and mixing stage to give you greater juice yield and driest pulp.

Green Star Elite GSE-5000 is our second choice in twin gear juicers. If you can’t afford Super Angel 5500 then Green Star Elite GSE-5000  is way to go.



  • I love my Green Star Elite juicer. I had a vertical slow juicer and there was so much pulp in the juice . Green Star works exceptionally well at juicing leafy greens and there is hardly any pulp left in the juice. Yield is higher and I can make sorbet desserts too. Don’t regret buying although it was a bit pricey.

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