Best Juicer and Blender Combo Reviews

Looking to buy juicer blender combo. Following are the top  juicer and blender combo models of 2015.


Currently, there is no other juicer blender combo that can compete with Breville BJB840XL Juice and Blend. It combines the power and functionality of a blender and juicer into one impressive machine.Juicer head and blender jug shares a common motorized base.The juicer head processes harder fruits and vegetables and the blender jug mixes up softer ones to create naturally thick and creamy smoothies, soups, and dips.

The electronic speed dial provides you 5 speed settings for both the juicer and blender, allowing you to choose an appropriate speed to get maximum juice yield from your produce.
Juicer: 1–6,500 rpm, 2–8,100 rpm, 3–9,700 rpm,4–11,300 rpm, 5–13,000 rpm
Blender: 1–Mix, 2–Chop, 3–Blend, 4–Liquify, 5–Purée

Due to extra wide chute( 3 inch diameter) juicer head can process whole fruit(small sized apples or oranges ) without cutting.

Oster-juice-and-blendIf you’re on a tight budget go with Oster Juice and Blend. For the price of $50, this is an excellent value for money. Performance wise, you cannot compare it with other higher end juicers or blenders. But for the budget minded it does offer functionality of a juicer and blender in one machine.

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