Best Stainless Steel Juicer

Looking to buy a stainless steel juicer?  But before choosing a juicer, be sure you understand the difference between a centrifugal juicer and a masticating juicer.

Centrifugal juicers have a really fast rotating blade that instantly shreds your produces and the centrifugal action of the rotating blade ejects the pulp into a container.


  • These are really fast. Centrifugal juicers will give you a good glass of juice in just mere seconds.
  • Assembly and cleanup is very easy.


  • Centrifugal juicers works best with fruits and vegetables, but not quite as well with leafy greens like kale or spinach, or with wheatgrass.

Conclusion– Choose a centrifugal juicer if you need a fast and easy to clean juicer and if you are not planning on juicing leafy greens much.

Masticating juicers operates at slower speed. They crush the produce and squeezes out the juice.


  • Higher yield than centrifugal juicer
  • Make nutrient rich juice
  • Works with almost any fruit, vegetable, greens, wheatgrass etc


  • They juice slower than a centrifugal juicer.

Conclusion– Choose a masticating juicer if you want nutrient rich juice with higher yield.

Best Centrifugal Stainless Steel juicer

Best Juicer


Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite 1000-Watt Juice Extractor is by far the finest centrifugal stainless steel juicer ever made. It is beautifully constructed and looks great on any countertop.

It has 3 inch wide and 7 inch tall feed tube. Due to its wide feed tube you can process 3 regular size carrots or three medium size apples at once (stacked in the feed chute). No cutting or earlier preparation required.

It has 1000 watt Italian motor that delivers an amazing 13,000 RPM making it fastest juicer we reviewed. With this amazing speed it takes only five seconds to make 8 ounce glass of juice.

It’s got two speed controls:  high for tougher produce like carrots,beets and low for soft fruits.

Best Masticating Stainless Steel juicer

Super angel 5500 is a beast of machine that squeezes every last drop out of anything that is juiceable. Its a twin gear masticating juicer made of surgical quality stainless steel parts.  It is 2nd most expensive non-commercial juicer in the market after the Norwalk Juicer.It creates 1.5-3 times more juice than any centrifugal and single gear masticating juicerIf you need a high end juicer which has maximum versatility, is easy to clean and produces nutrient rich juice with very high yield then super angel 5500 is a perfecto choice.