Best Commercial Juicer : Commercial Juicer Reviews

Do you own a juice bar, restaurant or health club? A commercial juicer is an excellent option if you’re planning to do a ton of juicing. Commercial juicers are more durable and faster than typical juicers made for the home.

Best Commercial Juicer Brands

  • Waring
  • Nutrifaster
  • Ruby
  • Miracle

Commercial juicers we Recommend

Waring JE2000 Juicer

Waring JE2000 commercial juicerWaring JE2000 is compact and powerful commercial juicer. It saves on space without compromising on power. Small footprint of this juicer makes it a winner for the smaller restaurants and juice bars.

The machine is housed in high-grade stainless steel for outstanding durability and exquisite looks. It looks incredibly attractive on any countertop.

Rotating at 16,000 RPM, its motor quickly and easily extracts large quantities of pure healthy juice from citrus, vegetable and fruits. The juice quality is excellent with very little pulp content, which means your customers will be back for more. 🙂

It has wide feed Chute and automatic pulp ejection system. With its one-gallon pulp capacity, it can carry on uninterrupted to meet the juicing demands of any established outlet.

We compared price of Waring JE2000 Juicer at all reputed stores. Amazon.com is currently offering Waring JE2000 Juicer at an amazing price.

Nutrifaster N450 Commercial Juicer

Nutrifaster N450 commercial juicerNutrifaster N450 is the best commercial juicer on the planet! It is considered the industry standard in juice bars and restaurants throughout the country.  Nutrifaster N450 is engineered for heavy-duty commercial use and is ideal for restaurants, juice bars, health clubs and any establishment where fresh juice is in high demand.

It has all – powerful 1.25 HP motor, durable stainless steel parts, wide feed tube opening (2.5″ by 1 3/4″), Immediate pulp ejection for non-stop juicing. You won’t find any better commercial juicer than Nutrifaster N450.

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