Breville BJB840XL Juice and Blend Review

The Juice and Blend healthy living kitchen appliance from Breville runs the full gamut of functionality and performance.  Able to take on the jobs of two separate machines with just one base motor unit, the Juice and Blend saves you space in your kitchen by being the only health drink appliance you will need.

Previously, you needed a completely separate blender to handle softer, delicate fruits such as raspberries or melons and an entirely different juicer to handle the tough, bigger stuff like whole apples and kale.  But with the Juice and Blend, Breville shows just how innovative of a company they are by giving you the combined power and functionality of a juicer and blender in one extraordinary machine.  The Juice and Blend is nothing short of a revolution in the way we think about our kitchen appliances.

One Base—Two Machines

The concept of the Juice and Blend is built around a shared, single base motorized unit that fits both a juicing head and a blending head.  The juicer is able to take on the harder fruits and veggies to give you a classic, nutrient and vitamin-rich health drink, while the blender is able to mix up softer fruits into naturally creamy and thick smoothies, dips and soups.

Switching between the juicer and blender takes only a matter of seconds as the two functional heads are completely separate from each other.  Simply take the blender head off of the base unit and replace it with the juicer head; both operate on the same, five-speed motor because you know what they say—two heads are better than one!

Multiple Speeds for Precise Control

One of the most unique features about the Juice and Blend is not that it switches from blender to juicer in just seconds, but that both units are able to fully utilize the motor’s five individual speed settings.  This maximizes the juice yield on both units by optimizing the way you juice or blend your ingredients.  The speed directly correlates to the size and density of the produce you are blending / juicing e.g. apples and pineapples would take the high speed setting whereas melons and soft berries would require the low speed setting.

With three additional settings in between the low and high settings, you have the power right at your fingertips to professionally blend or juice anything you want—the possibilities are only limited by your taste preferences!

  • Juicer Speed Settings: 6,500 RPM; 8,100 RPM; 9,700 RPM,11,300 RPM; 13,000 RPM
  • Blender Speed Settings: Mix, Chop, Blend, Liquefy, Purée, plus an additional 3 Pre-Programmed Cycles

High Quality Build Means Durability

But it’s not just the control and functionality that make the Juice and Blend one of the best overall products currently on the market.  The extra-large capacity of the juicing jug (40 oz. / 1.2 L), centered dual knife blade assembly, stainless steel micro mesh filter basket, overheat protection and removable silicon gasket all work together to solidify the Juice and Blend’s place at the top of the health appliance food chain.  Quality and value unmatched!


  • Minimal footprint maximizes countertop space while still packing loads of power (Juicer: 17″ H x 15.25″ W x 7.75″ D  Blender: 18″ H x 8″ W x 7.25” D)
  • Cleaning brush with pulp cleaning spatula and blade removal tool included
  • Juicerhas patented 3″ (7.6cm) circular feed tube which processes whole fruit, no need to cut up or remove rinds
  • Blender uses patented Hemisphere  Blade & Bowl Technology
  • Saves time with easy cleanup and dual action functionality
  • Five speeds allow you maximum control


  • Unit is pricey
  • Only a limited one year warranty


The Juice and Blend combines the best of both worlds into a health-conscious utopia of economic proportions.  The blend feature brings the versatility to your kitchen that the rest of the juicing world is missing out on.  The ease of use and control provided by the five speeds is a revolutionary concept that will change the way you operate in your kitchen forever.

If you’re ready to take your health to the next level of performance, click here  right now to get the best price on the Juice and Blend from Breville today.

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