Omega VSJ843 review

The Good – Currently the slowest juicer that’s available in US market. This means it operates quietly and you get long lasting nutrient rich juice. Makes less pulpier juice compared to other vertical masticating juicers and comes with 15 years warranty which is longest in industry.

The Bad – Feed chute not as wide as patented Kuvings vertical whole slow juicer which has 3″ wide feed chute but 5 year lesser warranty.

The Bottom Line – Despite any questions or drawbacks raised, the Omega VSJ843 is one of the best and quietest vertical juicer in industry.  It is great choice for health conscious individuals who want to juice everything from leafy greens, wheat grass, fruits and vegetables. With 15 years long warranty and trust of Omega,there is simply no way you can go wrong with this unit.

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omega vsj843Omega was one of the first company in United States to be selling vertical style slow juicers. The Omega VSJ843 Juicer is Omega’s newest vertical style slow juicer. Previously Omega came out with VRT series. VSJ is latest and improved version of VRT series. VSJ stand for vertical slow juicer and 43 represent motor speed. VSJ843 motor rotates at 43 revolutions per minute. This is the slowest running vertical slow juicer in US market at this point. Slower the juicer rpm, less oxidative damage is done that means more nutritive juice you get.

What can Omega VSJ843 do?

Omega VSJ843 can juice everything from wheat grass, leafy greens, fruits and vegetables. You can also make nut milk due to the all-new juice tap.

What we like about Omega VSJ843

Less pulp in the juice – vertical masticating juicers generally make pulpier juice compared to any other type of juicers. But Omega VSJ843 has specially designed juicing screen. The new screen design ensures pulp is broken down to a finer consistency than previous vertical style slow juicers which means less pulp in the juice.

15 year warranty – Omega is offering 15 year warranty on VSJ series which is longest in the Industry. This means you never have to worry about buying another juicer again. There are other similar machines in market that offer 10 year warranty but only on motor. From our experience we can tell motor is the part that rarely ever breaks. Omega is one of the oldest company in juicing industry and its warranty covers complete machine.

High nutrition value – lower speed of 43 RPMs ensure minimal heat build up and oxidation promoting nutrient rich and longer lasting juices.

Higher yield–   Omega VSJ843 yield is amazing. Pulp comes out really dry. It yields more juice than any comparable centrifugal ejection juicer.

Easy to clean – Omega VSJ843 is almost self cleaning.  To clean this machine simply turn it on and pour water into it. It will clean itself.

Where to buy?

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