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Finally... A Nutrition Plan That Lets You EAT REAL FOOD...

Discover How Our EatClean7 Program Can Help "Reset" Your Eating Habits For Better Health, Permanent Weight Loss, And Improved Vitality... While Eating DELICIOUS FOODS You'll Love

EatClean7 is a week-long, plant-based "clean" eating program that includes meals, snacks, healthy juices, and even desserts.


EatClean7 is a "reset” program that helps get you back on track with a healthy eating pattern. It trains your body to crave healthier meals that, in turn, help you look and feel better.


EatClean7 is about eating wholesome foods that provide powerful nutrients which support good health, weight loss, and repair your body from the inside out.

In a nutshell...


EatClean7 is NOT a fad diet. It's based on REAL FOOD -- not packaged foods, bottled supplements, or scammy pills.


It's a COMPLETE nutritional program that includes vibrant fruits, vegetables, and other plant foods to nourish your body with important vitamins and minerals.


The plan also provides 50-60 grams of plant-based protein (to keep you feeling full), healthy fats (to support hormone health), and the fiber you need to promote good digestion.

This program will help you RESET your diet, nourish your body, and manage cravings. It will give you detailed tips, recipes, and advice to help you succeed on your path to better health.

Why EatClean7 Is Better Than Other Programs...

With our program there is NO starving or deprivation. You'll feast on delicious recipes created by our chef.


Plus, the recipes are fast to prepare. We understand a busy person's lifestyle.


To make the program EASY to follow, we include PREPARATION VIDEOS of our recipes...


Because sometimes written instructions aren't as simple to follow as you would like. So, before you prepare your meals, simply watch our chef do it!


Again, there are NO crazy packaged foods to buy. You'll eat REAL FOOD that you'll LOVE TO EAT.

What Is A “Reset” And How Is It Different From A “Detox”?

EatClean7 is NOT a detox diet.


A detox diet is a short-term, EXTREME diet which prescribes certain foods and beverages that supposedly rid the body of toxic substances.


But those harsh diets are unnecessary. Why? Because your body has its own natural system of detoxification. Detox diets are restrictive, very low in calories, and NOT recommended as a long-term solution for improved health.


So, instead of resorting to radical methods, our program gently and naturally promotes health through the use of nutrient-dense foods.


As a result...


Our program can be used over and over again to support your healthy lifestyle.

Why Do I Need A RESET?

With the modern world we live in, most people over-consume processed foods and under-consume the nutrient-packed foods found in nature.


Processed foods are stripped of nutrients and are loaded with sugar, unhealthy fats, sodium, and other ingredients that can lead to food addictions and weight gain.


So, a RESET can be extremely helpful.


Nutrition can be confusing. So, we've made it simple. With specific grocery lists, menus, detailed recipes, and motivational tips, you'll have the tools you need to succeed.


"EatClean7 will help you RESET... so you can get back on track and resume a healthier diet."

What Are The Potential Health Benefits Of EatClean7?


EatClean7 is a sustainable, healthy way to nourish your body.


And, while we can’t make any specific health claims, you may experience a variety of benefits associated with eating a whole food, plant-based diet.


These may include…


* Better/deeper sleep at night

* Permanent weight loss

* More energy & vitality

* Less bloating & better digestion

* Improved skin appearance


Of course, with any nutrition or weight-loss program, it is important to seek the advice of your doctor before beginning.

Here's What You'll Learn Inside Our Program...

  • How to eat "clean."

    This means eating plant-based foods for your meals, snacks, and desserts... along with healthy juices.

  • How to use our "reset" program to get back to a healthy eating pattern.

    It will help train your body to crave healthier meals.

  • Learn to make DELICIOUS recipes.

    Hint: You might even fall in love with wholesome, nutritious food... and say goodbye to sugar and fast food.

  • Learn how to "meal prep" like a pro.

    You'll discover all the tips & tricks our registered dietitian uses to meal prep for her private clients.

  • WATCH our chef prepare the EatClean7 meals.

    WATCHING recipes being made is far more instructive than just READING them.

  • Experience the difference eating a nutrient-dense diet can make FOR YOU.

    A plant-based diet can help nourish and heal you. It has everything you need: fiber, protein, and healthy fats to keep you satiated.

  • Our recipes are QUICK & EASY to make.

    Plus... they're gluten-free, dairy free, and vegan.

Here's What Our Customers Have To Say...


As someone who has eaten a plant-based diet for the last thirty years has now reached a very lively 76 years with an enviable blood pressure reading of just 108 over 68 and a cholesterol level of just 140 and needing no maedications, I can certainly personally endorse the health giving benefits of a plant-based diet.


And I’m particularly impressed by the detailed knowledge the team clearly have about the right foods to include in their mouth-watering dishes to give you the maximum health benefits as well as maximum eating enjoyment.


This program has my highest endorsement.

Paul Hooper-Kelly, England UK

Frequently Asked Questions...

Is this program for everyone?

Will the EatClean7 program help me lose weight?

Why a plant-based meal plan?

Here's What You'll Get When You Order...

  • The Reset Guide:

    Contains the guidelines for EatClean7, a meal prep guide, swap & substitution guide, and post-reset guide. (In Adobe PDF format.)

  • The Recipe Book:

    Contains our 7-day eating plan (which is gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan), a grocery list for 7 days of food, and all the recipes. (In Adobe PDF format.)

  • Our Complete Video Recipe Library:

    Watch our chef make these delicious recipes right before your eyes! (In MP4 video format.)

  • Email Support:

    Have questions? No problem. Our staff is here to answer them.  :)

** All materials are digital and sent to you instantly via email.



Here's our guarantee: Give our EatClean7 program a fair try. If it doesn't work for you, simply contact us within 30 days for a FULL REFUND.


So, PROVE IT TO YOURSELF with our unconditional, risk-free offer.

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EatClean7 is incredibly affordable...


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